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"MR. K" DJ Services has been around for decades. Our music genre reaches out to satisfy our customers. We offer music from the 50's and 60's, classic 70's, 80's, the great alternative bands from the 80's and 90's, and today along with a great mix of best that country music has had to offer in the past through today. Along with this, off course we do have the best of the line dance songs and some of the most well known dance music that topped the charts of yesteryear and today. We also carry specialty music for holidays, weddings, and special events.  


We are working projects for our home town. One is a Picnic in the Park event that will be open to the public with trivia and other give aways and the other is a projection in a fundraising style to help 2 local Bellaire groups with their causes!!  Details will come soon after speaking with the proper authorities. Keep checking in to read the latest information!

Time for the Spring and Summer event planning to kick into high gear.  Graduation parties, weddings, anniversary parties, reunions and more.  Dates are being filled quickly.

Currently, my DJ system has over 35,000 songs and growing.


Being  in the entertainment business, it is best to always have the best possible gear that you have available. I believe that is the case when I do a gig. All my equipment is of the highest quality and it speaks for itself at the shows. My speakers, I have a set of Peavey TLS4's that have a 15 inch speakers and a 12 inch horn in each of them, along a set of Peavey 358 S's that include a 15 inch speaker, 8 inch tweeter, and a 6 inch horn and a set of  Fender 112ELP speakers that has a 12 inch woofer and 9 inch horn. What powers them are two Mackie amplifiers. One is a 808 8 Channel stereo amplifier and the other is a 406 6 channel mono amplifier plus a Fender SR4150P 4 channel mono amp. My mixing boards are a pair of Gemini PDM 16'S. Microphones are Shure, Fender, and Voco Pro.  I am running a digital system now through VIRTUAL DJ 7 PRO. I just added a Sound Teq 16 channel mixing console, a Samson 1000 watt power amp, and a DigiTech Quad 4 effects machine!!


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All Based on 4 Hrs.